Before Dawn was born from an argument between husband and wife, Dominic Brunt and Joanne Mitchell. The films original concept came from 2 opposing opinions of what makes a good zombie movie and what frequently makes a bad one. What’s missing and what needed adding to.

The idea was to give a depth to the characters involved and tell a story which would captivate, build and intrigue, without forgetting it’s core purpose which was to entertain the gore hounds and fulfil the thrill seekers. Before Dawn was in pre-production for more than a year while money, a crew, special effects, cast and a gap in everyones calendar was found. Marc Price (Colin, Magpie, Way of the Monkey’s Claw) joined as Executive producer and Helen Grace (Left Films) joined as producer early in 2011 with filming commencing in June. Marc Illis, novelist and screen writer had built the working screenplay following the structure of the original idea by Joanne and Dominic. Before Dawn is proud to be part of a British Horror Movie resurgence which has strong drama at its heart while never apologising for being part of the Horror genre


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