Hello all!!

Helen Grace from Left Films and also our Producer has now arrived back from representing Before Dawn at the Berlin European Film Market.

Hopefully we have made a bit of noise and made it known that we’re now out there and in existence ready for Cannes Film Festival and then London Film Festival. We had a lot of interest and hopefully, this can be followed up with invites to a showing of the full and finished film at the festivals with an eye to gaining a proper distribution deal.

It’s all a bit of a gamble and we don’t know what will happen but we’re all having fun trying and the film is looking and sounding stunning now that the professional grade (Phil Bedwell) and dubbing mix (Chris Greaves) are under way. Michael Nowacki has done a great job at making the foley sounds have a real sense of depth.

`So, we’re all feeling much more confident and things are definitely flowing in the right direction for us.

Dominic  x



2 thoughts on “Berlin

  1. Sounds great dom, I’m really pleased for you all. It’s come along way since I first saw those zombie pics of Jo in upsey daisys!!! It would be great to get it released on DVD. Take care
    Lol Sarah x

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